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April 3, 2003     The Pocahontas Times
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April 3, 2003

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Te otabonta :ime--April 3, 2003--Pa__5 00etters to the Ebit0r morning, March 29, a he,m-warming show of at the old hospital lot in An estimated 150-200 flags and dis- and signs in sup- with two Den- were disgusted of the anti-war protest Cynthia Broce T. Peacock talked their families to the as the other demonstra- and cheer on the flyers and used to ask others to join was provided to pick filled with items for and women. ariginal idea was era- by the corn- and gazebo were with yellow aaily paid for by Chuck Workman as well as did many who helped deco- provid- citizens. There was of Veterans of members and their Jones led the Pledge and Father Bill the large group in ird the truck on Sat- drop off a shoe box at Appalachian Sport Office until boxes will be with the pro- by the J-104 Radio plans a parade on or groups in- should call people will and all other displays Debbie Peacock Marlinton -.. "Wrinkly old tree who participated in Mar- 20, I want to clari- and my reasons for lraq, because Week's letters to : are those who com- motives. to make it clear that any of the 17 pro- on that street disrespect whatso- anti women who We'd like to see as soo_ as possi- piece. By the way, I one of us pro- four years in the 3, Navy. And one of the marchers has a cousin fighting in the Middle East. We can support the troops, and not the war, because the troops are obeying orders that come down the chain of command. It is the wisdom of these orders that we question. If war. which involves the will- ful (as well as the accidental) kill- ing of human beings, can ever be justified at all, certainly it is only in the case where it is a defensive action to thwart an imminent threat, and only a last resort when all other avenues to mitigate this threat have been exhausted. This war is neither. In last week's edito- rial letters, references to the 911 terrorist attack and the war on ter- rorism cited as reasons we are in Iraq trying to oust Saddam Hussein point to the central fallacy being promoted by the Bush administra- tion. As the sign I was carrying stated, there is simply no link between AI- Qaeda and Iraq! Even the FBI, when pressured by the Bush admin- istration to find evidence of such a link, came up empty-handed. Brit- ish intelligence rejects this theory as well. Simply by saying that Iraq might use weapons of mass de: struction for terrorist activities in his speech on March 17. President Bush has hoodwinked half the pop- ulation of this country into believ- ing that a connection exists between the September 11 attack and Saddam Hussein. In fact, none of the hijackers were Iraqis! Nine were Saudis, but do you see us attacking Saudi Arabia? Indone- sia has whole Ai Qaeda communi- ties; why are we worried about Iraq? Certainly there is evidence Saddam Hussein is a terrible dictator, and perhaps he has some weapons of mass destruction, however, he has not even threatened to use them against us! Looking around the globe, I think we find regimes with less re- spect for human life, with more cause it was such bad press, but could still be awarded a sub-contrac- tor role in this shell game. Halli- button's Kellogg, Brown & Root unit received a contract in early March to fight Iraqi oil fires. The Army secretly awarded Hailiburton the contract, which analysts say could be worth up to $1 billion, without receiving other bids. These facts should clue you in. Anybody who thinks invading lraq has anything to do with eliminating terrorist groups might try an inter- net search on "The Carlyle Group." The news is out there, it's just not making it to your television. Carla Beaudet Arbovale Dear Editor: I've been reading the letters to the editor concerning our current military situation and do not be- lieve we should be demonstrating in the streets or newspapers against the war. The folks in Washington made the decisions and need to be contacted with your approval or dis- approval. The public demonstra- tions only show a disrespect for our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers who are over there fighting for our freedom. If you have something to say, say it to the folks in Washington that made the decisions, don't say it to the Troops who are fighting for your freedom. Some of the Airmen, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers may not agree to be there either but have agreed to sacrifice their lives, if necessary, for our freedom. Please give them the respect they deserve. David J. Cain Chief Master Sgt, USAF, Retired Marlinton Dear Editor: The High Rocks Academy has been an important aspect of my life for the past six years, but I am not alone. It is phenomenal what High Rocks has done for me along with trate the importance of such an re- stitution in my life, but I will at- tempt to do so. Keep in mind that this is a very abbreviated version of the importance of the High Rocks Academy and what it has done for me. I started the High Rocks Acade- my in the summer of '97 when I was 14-years-old and preparing to go to high school the next school year. Like most girls my age, I was bored with my life, I wanted to grow up fast, I did not get along with.my parents as well as I should have, and I was beginning to ex- periment and get myself into trou- ble. I knew nothing about the camp prior to going except that some of my friends told me it was a "Nerd Camp," which made me apprehen- sive about going. The day before camp started, I asked my mom if I had to go and she responded very wisely, saying that I did not have to go, but that she thought that I would really like the experience. Fortunately, I did choose to participate in the "First Year" camp in the second year of the program's existence. At first 1 thought that it would just be a summer camp that I would attend once, like most other sum- mer camps I had attended previous- ly. I was wrong--very wrong. Over the next four years while I was in high school, I participated in tutor- ing, weekend retreats, alumni camps, SAT/ACT preparation. "College trips/tours and many other activities sponsored by High Rocks. Besides help with school work, I was also provided with an environ- ment where I could spend time with many of my friends who were also involved in the program, that was free of the pressures of a normal, teenage life. We got to know each other based on our personalities in- stead of how we dressed, or who we partied with, etc. Even better than that, I was provided with a network of adult mentors, who truly were fortable talking to with my mom and dad. They did not replace my morn and dad. but actually encour- aged a better relationship between my parents and me. They would listen to me, respect me, and guide me to make good decisions. Even though there were many more girls than adults, I still felt a very close relationship with all of them. The amount of time they had to invest in order to establish this personal. warm relationship with each and every girl is unbelievable. After being in the program, I be- gan to understand the importance of many things that I might not have otherwise. I took more care in de- ciding a path for my future and what college I would attend. As I mentioned earlier, my relationship with my parents, especially with my morn, improved. I still made many bad decisions, as we all have and will in life, but I was better able to deal with the consequences of those decisions. I knew that no matter what happened to me, I would always have High Rocks and that was very important to me in the unsteady years of high school and even now in my second year in college. As I have gotten older, graduated from high school, and moved on in life. High Rocks is still extremely important to me. I simply have a new role in the High Rocks Acade- my. This past summer I worked as an intern at the First Year camp. It was a wonderful experience to go from being one of the girls to being one of the women of High Rocks. I have tremendous respect for all of the women who have taken time in their lives to be a rock for me and the many other girls who have suc- ceeded in going through the High Rocks Academy. I know it is now my duty as a High Rocks girl to carry on what has been done for me and for the other girls in the future. I am a High Rocks girl, and I will be for the rest of my life. I will continue to give to High Rocks what it has given to me as a young woman. Thank you, Valarie McLaughlin Dunmore High Rocks '97 Pioneer Days badge and parade marshal selected The St. John's Episcopal Church in Marlinton will be on the 2003 Pioneer Days Badge. Episco- palians had been in the county long before 1908 when John McGraw gave the lot in the new Town of Marlinton where this church was built and then dedicated in 1911. It is the oldest church building now standing in Marlin- ton. The building sustained consid- erable flood damage in 1985 and in 1996, which was overcome, and then, in March 2001. it was damaged by fire. Extensive repairs were then required. Plans to move to a new location didn't work out and then the congregation decided to raise the building above flood level and do the extensive repairs required. So the high St. John's Episcopal Church will grace this year's Pioneer Days Badge. Honored in the Parade this year will be the Marlinton Lions Club, which this year is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, and the Arch Wooddell Family. Arch is the only living charter member of the Lions Club. For 5ale Registered Angus Yearling Bulls powerful and eminently threatening many other girls over those six my friends that I could talk to about 12- 15 months old; weapons of mass destruction, in- years. It may he difficult to illus- certain issues that I didn't feel com- EPD Available cludingNrth Krea' Israel'and  II'O'IIXI*IIAT|S i 91 China. Heck, we give Israel $3+ billion of our tax dollars on an an-  ..... ..," ...... 1 [ Now is the time to get a low rate that [ nual basis in spite of their bad be- I is fixed for the life of your mortgage. I v ! ha ior. Certainly Saddam Hussein I Save thousands and thousands of | has flouted the 1991 UN resolution I dollars! For a full quote and free I for I l years, but Israel has broken 1  ",,,',,," | | qualification call Capital Mortgage | numerous UN resolutions without I s,,ces, Inc. There are no out of I  ....... ......... ............... L So why Iraq? Halliburton, which continues to pay Vice President Ia-KYillftt.m+l ! -4[11. mrAt I 7 Regular Sales , [Dick] Cheney more than half a I   MoRrce I |' Every 2nd and 4th Saturdays -' million dollars annual salary, was i(00.00F_iyi i ,.,...,.c. i spe.,., sp..00 y..r,,.g %. one of the top bidders on the $600 n11ion ronsc,on plan for I I  i |"''"-"= Tuesday, April 22 7:30 p.m. " As of Monday, March 31, they I. . . : . .. John Stewart I Will be taking cattie in from 7a.m. - 1 p.m. publicly withdrew from the bid be- I i 1  I 1 -'a='-''"-'''.'",,,.". I l Marl|nlon, WV 24  I | For more information, call Ray Sharp ! (3o4)7.3eoo ,1 / at 799-6652 before 8 a.m. or a ft/rP.m. ' " Mill R n Trout ...... I I Heather M. 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