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April 3, 2003     The Pocahontas Times
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April 3, 2003

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lJe ol 3, 2003---Page 11 Advertisemq OR that settlement of DILL will reference to a fiduciary wiUan ninety days from of this notice such a party in interest a claim and good support reference to a 2003. Dunbrack, Clerk B County Comrmssiou Y: Saudra Friel, Deputy Virgh Code 44-1-14a is before the Pocahontas County: B. FIELDS DILL, t, 12173, is before the Patcia D. Tenth Avenue. 3: Phone (304) Personal of 1916 The is the 3rd day of creditors can now file a be filed with the County thirty days ol Whichever is later. m trend thts me 31st day PIB " D. Dunbrack, Clerk y: Sandra Frill Deputy " 4.4-1-14a is before the Counv/: P. SHARP, whme is before the Patncia D. Tenth Avenue. Phone (304) of Sharp, Ills 24984. The is the 27th day of Creditors can now fill filed with the County days after the date thirty days of later. the 2Oth day lBv D- Dunbrack, Clerk Y: Sandra FrilL IdILATON :oumy, Plaintiff 12 Defendant suit is to obtain a Defendant" filed in this Ann Toncmy is a non- 'West Virginia. it is serve upon William se whose address including any related may have to on or before o. thereafter you for the relief conplaint can be obtained from the undersigned Clerk at his office. E,,tered by the Clerk of said Court this the 13th day of March. 2003. Earl D. Michael. 3/20t3c Clerk of Court NOTICE OF PROPOSED CONVEYANCE OF CHURCH PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that the Cosmotbeist Community Church. will on or after the 4th day of April. 2003, convey to Robert A. DeMarais. for the sum ONE DOLLAR ($1.OO). that certain tract or parcel of real estate near the settlement of Milipoiot, Little Levels District, Pocahontas County, West Virginia. and being more particularly described as follows: Beginning at a point in a drain, a corner to Boyd & Irene Thompson and a 2.30 Acre lot of Robert A. DeMarats. from which a i/2" rebar found on the West bank of the creek bears N 30-32- 48 W 15.90 feet. thence leaving Thompson and with the 2.30 lot of DeMarnis for the next 2 lines N 40-02-48 E 204.89 feet to a I/2" iron pipe found, near a fence corner, a comer to DeMarais. thence. S 46-27-03 E 73.00 feet crossing a drain to a 1/2" iron pipe set on the East edge of the drain, thence leaving DeMarais and comng through the lands of the Cosmotheist Community Church property S 48-23-45 W 220.25 feet to a I/2" iron pipe set 10 feet West of the center line of an Access Road, thence N 26-47-56 W 44.46 feet to the point of beginning and containing .28 of an Acre more or less as surveyed by William E. Dilley LLS of Dunmore, West Virginia in March 2003. And being a pltrt of a 60 acre tract or parcel of real estate acquired by the Cosmotbeist Community cnurcn by the provisions of a Deed of Conveyance from Don R. Trainor, said Deed bearing date the 16th day of January, 1987, and of record m the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Pocahontas County, West Virginia, in Deed 191, at page 322. Notice is further given that for the same consideration of aforesaid, the said Cosmotheist Community Church will GRANT and CONVEY unto Robert A. DeMarais a Right of Way for the genera] purpose of ingress and egress upon that certain access road through the remainder of the aforesaid 60 acre tract or parcel of real estate from the Boyd Thompson Road to the aforesaid 0.288 acres. Notice is further given that the Cos Commtmity Church will further GRANT and CONVEY unto Robert A. DeMands an easeme.nt for the installation and maintenance of a seic system on the remainder of the aforesaid 60 acre tract or parcel of real estate lying to the South-East of the aforesaid 0.288 acres. Notice is further given that the said Cosnmtlmst Community Church will, o,! or after the 4th day of April, 2003, CONVEY to Fred Streed and Marts Streed, husband and wife, a Right of Way for the general purpose of ingress and egress acro, s the aforesaid 60 acre tract or parcel of real estate upon the existing access road from the Boyd Thompson Road to a tract or parcel of real estate containing 329.68 acres entitled in the name of National Alliance, Inc. for the sum of ON E DOLLAR ($1,eO). THE COMMUNITY CHURCH BY: ERICH GLIEBE, TRUSTEE i For Sale lj COWS FOR SALE - Good doing black cows with spring calves at side. Can be Ixed or not bred. Summarized and records available. Available mid-April. Contact Sam Gibson, 572-2319 4/4/2c PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF WEST VIRGINIA CHARLESTON CASE NO. 02-1947-MC-C JONES TAXI SERVICE, LLC Lewidourg, Greenbt'ier Conmy. Applications for a certificate of coavemence and necessity to operate as a common carne providing taxJc,tb .xvice On December 5, 2002, Jones Taxi Service,  Lewubm'g. Greenbri County, filed an application for a cestificate-- . . . to operate. M a common . " by ,mo, v'de m the trou of pmutengm m taxicab servsce between pomts ann ptaces m Nncholas, Pocahontas and Summs Counties. on the one luted, and points and places in West Virginia on the mha ham/. Rates: R,ular Taxicab Service: $'2.00 for the first 0- nule .15 for each 0.1 mile thereafter .50 for each additional passenger over two in the same party .30 per mmutes for waiting time SlaJi.t'l IllItirtaem'neef V ats .t'/'ice tO and from IVSiC'ianl' O[-ICeJL Ulll health-cae facilities; (a) Rate Stnume A: $20.00 per passenger, per trip, plus 0.75 per mile after rig ftrat thirty (30) miles Co) Rate Strucue B: $1.25 per loaded mile Prior to commencmg the trip, the carrier shall inform each passenger (or third-party payor) whether Rate Stmctme A or Rate Structure B will apply to that particular passenger. Anyone desiring to protest said application must do so, in writing, within ten days after the date of publication of tls notice. Objections or protests should be mailed to the Executive Secretary, Public Service Commission of West Virginia, P. O. Box 812 Wt Viqpma, 25323 ...... JONES TAXI SERVICE, LI 04/03/1 i FISCAL YEAR 2002 - 2003 MUNICIPALITY OF ItILLSBORO LEVY ESTIMATE HR.LSBORO. to-wit: with cede tl-8-14. as amended, the Council pt to  an estimate of the amounts neosary by levy of taxes for the current fiscal year. and doth determine and estimate the several amounts to be as CUEI2EIr REGULAIt MUNICIPAL PURPOSES ESTIMATE due and the amount that will become due and collectible from every source during the fiscal year LEVY OF TAXES. is as foUows: SOURCE Geseral Fund Coal Severance e (July I ) $ ! .500.00 $500.00 5714.00 V Tas Current Year $11.148.00 $100.00 $60.00 512.00 Oneroi Tax $160.00 Tax $5,000.00 535.00 Investments $40.00 Tax $50.00 550.00 $18,155.00 $1,214.00 Commission 5800.00 $1,200.00 5480.00 5750.00 $425.00 56,600,O0 $500.00 $500.00 $2.000.00 $I00.00 $300.00 $1.114.00 $I00.00 $4,500.00 $18,155.00 $1,214.60 dqD TAXES LEVUED FOR ALL PURPOSES. Assessed Values Current Expense Tax Purposes Taxes Levied $32,940.00 $8.69 529.00 $0,00 $8.69 $0.00 $ 32.940,00 $29.00 $13,822,370.00 $17.38 $2,403.00 $81,810.00 517.38 $142.00 51.464,180.00 52,545.00 $620.510.00 $34.76 $2,157.00 $955,116.00 $34.76 $3,320.00 $1,702,938.00 534.76 $4,181.00 $2,778,564.00 59.658.00 54.275,684.00 PIOR[tTY TAX REVENUE $12.232.00 Taxes, Exoneratims. and Discounts eannated at 5% $612.00 13itom Ealimated at 2% $245.00 , Tax Collection $11.375.00 Fund at 2% $228.00 to ! Raised by Levy $11,148.00 of Hillsbom, to-wit: Offger of udd muntcipatity, do haeby certify that the foregoing are nee u,pies e ctlas made and emered by lhe council of the said municI/ty on the 25th day of Mm.dL 3/31/2c JAMES JOHNSON, City Rocorder Advertisements Legal Advertisements Legal Advertisements POCAHONTAS COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION SCHEDULE OF PROPOSED LEVY RATES For The Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2004 The above named Board of Education. having ascertained that the amount neceuary to be raised by a levy of taxes for the and within the limits prescribed by statute or authorized by votet, does hereby propme to adopt the following levy rates tO be laid on each one hundred dollars of assessed valuation of each class of propelS: Assessed Value Current szes Ltnded Ctms ! Property (Chin ! Rate 7A) Perumal Properly $6.670.130.00 $13,660.00 Public Utilities Total Class I $667,013.00 $ i 3.660.00 Class I1 Property (Oass 11 Rate 4e.96) Real Estate 5155,530.440.00 $637,053.00 Personal Property $914,142.00 $3,744.00 Total Class II $156.444.582.00 $640,797.00 Clms m Property (Class IH Rate 81.92) Real F_me $140,476.240.00 $ I,I 50,781.00 Persmal Property $43.634,937.00 $357,457.00 Public Utilities $29.135,370.00 $238,677.00 Total Class ! !! $213.246,547.00 $ ! ,746,915.00 IV Property (Class IV Rate 81.92) Real Estate $10.797.010.00 $88,449.00 Personal Property $8,665,544.00 $70,988.00 Public Ulilitlls $5,454,939.00 $44,687.00 Total Class IV $24.917,493 O0 $204, i 24.00 Euw L, "JPOTAL $401,278.752.00 $2.605,496.00 Uncollectibles, Exonerations and Delinquencies (7.50 Tax Discounts (2.50%) Not Projected Property Tax Revenues Less Assessor's Valuation Fund (2%) Net Amount to be Raised by Levy Total to be rahted by Regular and Excess Levies -5195312.00 -$65,137.00 $2.344,947.00 -$46.899.00 $2,298.048.00 $2,29s,o Note: Notice of bond and/or excess levy elections and certified copy of canvass of votes must be on file with the State Auditor's Office and the Department of Education before excess levy rates can be approved by the State Auditor. Signed This 2401 day of March. 2003, BY: James B. Phares, Coumy Superintendent 3/27/2c FISCAL YEAR 2003,2004 MUNICIPALITY OF MARLINTON LEVY ESTIMATE STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA MUNICIPALITY OF MARLINTON, to-wit: In accordance with Code 11-8-14, as amended, the Council proceeded to make an estimate of the amounts necessary to be raised by levy of taxes for the cutTent fiscal year. and doth determine and estimate tlg several amounts to be as follows: RVENUE SOORCE Ad Vakem Taxe $105337.00 Gas & Oil Severance Tax $180. Excite Tax on Utilities $25.41.OO Gro Sales Tax $40.826.00 Wine & Liquor Tax $8.931.00 .Animal Control Tax $0.00 Hotel Occupancy Tax $2.087.00 Frees. Fees & Court Cons $2399.00 PaA/ng violations $000 Licenses $7.290.OO Butkhng Permit Fees $ 1.400.(Q Penm $38.00 Fra Fees $6.302.00 IIP Fe $7,137,OO Private  Club Fee $'7.479.00 Paddng Mer Revenues $22.55.OO &  $45,143.00 Refu Collection $135,246.OO Comrilmtiom fmn  entities $3.OO0.OO Eam $1.376.00 P.ehnbunr.ngtm $227.00 Refunds $722.00 Sale of fixed assets $1350.00 Mile  5 I. 179.OO TOTAL ErlMATED KEVENUE (GF)) $405.545.OO Eb'rlMATED CURRENT EXPENDITURES (General Fand) Office of Mayor $13.775.00 Melaben of Corel $8,595.00 Recorder $4.198.OO Treasurer $8.608.00 Judge $3.801,00 Sines $4).00 Cusmd $0.OO Re$iel Development $210.00 Buikn$ Inspeo $8.251.00 Ekiom 51,000.00 City HM! $66.721.0o Pofice Departmem $49,719.00 & Highways $71.945.00 Street Lights $15.983.00 Central Garage $10,641.00 Gmbqe  $138.098.00 $2,0.00 Visiton Bureau $2,0OO.OO TOTAL EST EXPENDITUP.ES (GP) $405.545.00 COAL SEVEILANCE TAX FUND itEVEUg SOURCE Coal Severance Tax $2,174.00 TOTAL ESTIMATED REVENUE $2,174.OO Streets A Highways $2,174.00 TOTAL F-JMATED EX_EgNDITURII (Coei Seversm Tax Fund $2A74.00 LEVY PAGE ASSESSED VALUATION--4OPOSED LEVY RATES & TAXES LEVIED FOR ALL PURPOY'r.,S. Cummi F.xpeme Assessed VMues Levy Tases Tax Purpom Rw/$1OO Levied Clam I Pmpmy Penoasl Pint:rely $18.660.OO $12.50 $23.00 Public Uie $0.OO $I2.50 50.OO TOTAL CLASS 1 518.660.00 $23.00 cu n Prepmy Real Fame $6.574.050.00 $23.00 $16,435.00 Personal Properly 515A38.OO 52.S.OO $39.00 TOTAL CLASS Ii $6,589,488,00 $16,A,74.OO ctm. tv Pmpmy Eate $9,337, i 20,00 $50,00 $46.M6.00 Pertoul  $6.684.867.00 $50.OO 533A24.OO PUtlic Utilitm $3.1181,763.OO 550.00 5193609.00 Total Clam iV $19.903,750.00 $99,519.00 TOTAL ASSESSgD VALUE 526.511.898.00 TOTAL PIgOJF.L'rED PKOIffrY TAX REVENUE t 12. 113. 239 M Ioqe leVI 5 107 - Tax Discounts 2t Tram Pro)coted Property Tax Collection Leu ,Amuor V-t Fund at 2 (Sutaracted from  expense taxes kvied only) Nm Amount m b Raised by LeW of Prolz !12 UacotkctM Taxes $10934.OO 113 Exolaticm $1,934.OO "239 Detinqueci $I,933.00 5116.016.00 $5,801.00 $2.320.00 $I07,895.00 $2.158.00 $105.737.00 State of West Virginia, Municipality of MarlJnton. to-wit: County of Pocahontas, L Dotty L. Kellbou, Recording Officer of said municipality, do hereby certify that the foregoing are true pies from the record of ofde made and entered by uid governing body on the 2.5th day of March, 2003 DOTTY L. KELLISON, RECORDER 3/27/2