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September 11, 2003     The Pocahontas Times
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September 11, 2003

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Page 10--be otalt01ita imt's--Septelnber 1t, 2003 t LegalAdv;rtiSements 1t LegalAdvertisements Legal I [Legal Advertisements ......... ............ ............... ..... H A.,+rt,semen00 COMMISSIONER'S NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT To the Creditors and Beneficiaries of the Estate of NELI.IE P. A'YATT, all persons having clainls against the Estate of the said Nellie P Wyatt. whelher due or cot. are notified to exMbit the same, with the voucher thereof legally verified, Io the uudcrsigncd, at his office al t)21 Tenlh Avenue, m the Town of Marlinton. Wesl Virginia on or before the lOth day of November 2003. otherwise they may be law be excluded form all benefit of said Estate All beneficiaries of said Estate may appear on or before said day to examine said claims and olher'.,ise protect their interest s Given under my hand, this the 2nd day of September, 2003. MICHAEL C. [X)SS Fiduciary Conllnissloner fur Pocahontas County, West Virgmta q/l t/2c NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION. F'ENDIN(; OR UNADMIN1STERED Fk%'TATE lhe Estate o| KENNETH OSCAR ADKINSON, File Number 12205, is telore the Pocahontas County Couunls,4on. PatHcia D. I)unbrack. Clerk 9IXlC Tenth Aenuc. Marlinton. \\;kesl Virginia, 24954 Phone tt04) 799- 4540 The per,onal represenlaH',e ol said estate is: Melissa L. Bennett, Rt. 1 ilnx 47A. Marlinton. WV 24954. Notice is hereby glsen that ,-ettlemeat of this e,,tate v. ill proceed without reference I,o a fiduciaF\\; coulnliSSloncr unless 'a, ithln uinety dais after the date ol the first publication such reference V; requested by' a party ot interest or an unpaid credit files a claim and good cause is shmn to support reference tO iI liduclar} colnmi:,sloner. (liven under my hand this the 26th day uf Augu.st 21103. Palricia 1) l)unhrack. Clerk 9/04/2 By: Sandra Fuel, Deputy NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION, PENI)IN(; OR UNADMINISTERED Fq'I"ATE The EM;.IIc of FORI'NT GIBSON, I:ile Number 12241, is before tile Pi)cahmta> Coumy Commission. Patlicia I) l)unblack. Clerk 900C Tenth Avenue. Marlinlon, West Vu-gtma. 24954 Phone i),tM) 799-4549 The personal representatt',e of said e,;tae s: Kimberly A. Moore, Rt. 1 Box 137A, l)unmore, WV 24934. Notice is hmeb? gi,,'en that settlement of this c.tate '.,,ill proceed J. ithout lefcrencc [0 a fiduciar} o,'lnnlixsioner unless within ninely da}s after the date of the Hrst publication such relerence i', requested by a part) of mterest or all unpaid crcd!t files a claim and good cam, e is sho,n to support reference In a fiduciary cgnunisMoner Given under my hand this the 26th day of August 2003. I'atricia D I)unbrack, Clerk 9I(t412 By: Sandra Fnel. Deputy NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION, PENDING OR UNADMINISTERED ESTATE The Estate of DONNA MARIE SHRADER SWANN, File Number 12245, is before the Pocahontas County' Commissiom Patricia D. I)unbrack. Clerk 9(X)C Tenth Avenue, Marlinton, West Virginia, 24954 Phone (304) 799- NOTICE OF TRUSTEE SALE Notice is hereby gi',en that by virtue of thai certain Deed of Trust dated December 6. 1993, executed by Harold Stanley and Charlotte Stanley, his wile. unto J Michael Ander:,on. Substitute Trustee. of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Pocahontas County, West Virginia. m Trust Deed Book 115. at page 447. the makers ol the Note and obligation secured thereby ha'.ing faded to pay the saule as proxided for under the lerms of said Note and l)ced of Trust. and defauh not cued v, ithin the terms of said hOle and Deed of Trust, the holder of the Note ha',ing declared the v, hole thereof Io be duc and payable and having requested the undersigned. m ,ariung. to make sale o! the real estate described m said I)eed ot Trusl. I ,.,.ill ,ell aI public aucll,;n t} the highest biddel ,m q+uesda.',. September 23, 2(813. al Itlt)() a m of that da a! the front door ol the (oulthc'u'e Ol Pocahontas Count\\;. Marlinmn "'est Virgmla. the tollo'.ing described real estate, tO kl, lt A parcel ot real estate 11)5 feet b,, 21(1 Ie'ct. more or less. mLhldlng a(I inlprovenlents thereon and all appurtenances thereunto belonging. subjecl to all rights ol way. ca.,ements. restrictions and c(',enant,, respeclmg said property, in tile [ou.n of Marlinton. Edra> lhstrict t)l t'ocahonta*, Count} . \\;Vest Virglnl::. heing designated fit Tax Map No 12 Parcel 12 in the 1993 Land I++ks ol P,.cahonla,, Count\\; And being the samc properly con,.eyed unto tlarold Slanle,,. unmarried and Charlotte LcMer. unmarried, by Deed dated the 6lh tia', of l)eccmb,r. 19qI. rrml Albert Frauklm Keltcx. uuul;lrrled recu-dcd in the aforesaid Clerk's ()ffi.c m l)ced Book 226. at Page 457. reference Io v. hich Deed is hereby made for all perhnent purposes TERMS OF SALE: Cash in hand paid on day of sale subject to all unpmd property taxes, restrlcti,e co,eflanls, reservations, and easements Gl,en under my hand thp, 2th day of August. 2(R13 J Michael Anderson. 9/413c Substitute Trustee NOTICE OF SUBSTITUTE 'rRUSTEE'S SALE Notice is hereby gi',en that defauh ha,.ing occurred in the payment of a certain mdebtedness secured by a Deed elf Trust dated October 12. 1999. betv.een Lenin B. Tousnsend and Everett TousrLsend to Richard A Pill or Randall R. Conrad, 11, Trustee, recorded m the Office of the Clerk ot the Commission Pocahontas Count', "West Virginia. in Trust l)eed Book Nt 165 at page 352. which deed of trust authorizes the beneficiary l,, emoxc. ,ubstilute. or add a Tru,,Ice. al II option, and the bencl'Jclar', ha',mg exercised its option and -ubstltuled Nathan It \\;Va,,ser and/or .hchael (" Do';s. either of x.,holll lna', act separately, as its Trusteets), to act m the enforcement of said Deed of Trust in person and the undcr,igned Substitute TruMeels) haxing been requested by the benellcial or, net ol said indebtedness to enforce said Deed of Trust. ill sell at a public auction tu the highest bidder the follorng hereinafter described real c:,tate on: Friday. September 12. 21HI3 at i:00 p.m. in front of the Poeahuntas County Courthouse. Marlinton. l,'est Virginia. All that certain propcM> ,ituatcd m the County of Ptcahontas, alid State of West Virginia, and being described in a deed dated 03102199 and recorded 03/08/99, among the land records of the County and State set forth above, and referenced as lollov, s: Book 259 Page t22 The following described tracts l real estate sHuale tn Edra: District, Pocahonta,,, County. West Virgima: TRACT NO. 1: That cenam tract piece or parcel of real estate, situate m Edray District. Pocahontas County. West Virginia. on a public road leading from Edray to CIo,.erlick contammg one-fifth (1/5) acres more or less TRACT NO. 2; That certain tract piece or parcel of real estate, situale m Edray District. Pocahonta,, County. West Virginia on the public road leading from Edray iv Clovertick containing one ( I ) acre. more or less Property is sold subject to prior trusts, encumbrances, restrictions and easements of records, if any. The property is sold subject to an accurate surve> at purchaser's expense. TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of $3.000.00 by certified check or cashier's cbeck at sale. the balance in cash or by certified check at closing Conveyance will be b Special Warranty Deed sublect to all easements, covenants, rlghts-of-,,,ay, condmons and restrictions of record The property is sold in "'as is" condition. Risk of loss or damage will be purchaser% from and after the foreclosure sale All taxes and utilil) charges to be adjusted Iv the date of forecloxure sale All settlement fees. costs of con',eyance, exammation of title, recording charges, texcept Grantor's Tax! are at the expense 4! the purchaser The purchaser v, ill be required to complete settlement v, ithin 30 days of the date of sale v, ith the right reserved to the Trustee to extend settlement date. failing which the deposit made will be forfeited and the property resold at the risk and expense of the purchaser. Trustee makes no representations regarding state of lille If Trustee cannot convey insurable or marketable title, purchaser's sole reined> is a return of deposit. Nathan H Wasser. Substitute Trustee 43 Greene Street Cumberland, MD 21502 9/4/2c (30t) 759-2844 Notice is hereby gi'en thai tax liens for the following described tracts or lots of land or undivided interest therein in the Count) of Pocahontas ,,shich are delinquent for the nonpayment of taxes for the year 2002, will be offered for sale by the undersigned sheriff at public auction at the front devar of the court house of the county between the hours of ten in the morning and four in the after- noon. on the 22rid day of October. 21}03. Tax liens on each unredeemed tract or Int. or each unredeemed part thereof or undivided interest therein, will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder in an amount shich shall not be less than the taxes, interest and charges v, hich shall I due thereon to the date of the sale. as set forth it+ the folto'.,.ing table: CASSEI.L t:RANKLIN N DURBIN ROUTE Ot.!TFFIq'ERS I.I'D PROUD FRANK W: I)ONALDSON BRUCE PROUD FRANK W: DONALDSON BRLCE REXRODE GAR'I A RIFFE JOHN M & I.INDA G SHOMO CHARLES FHOMPSON ROBERT t ABII)IN MARISK F ACOSTA HUG() SR & ADA a, HKAMI SHAHROKH & NAHID AMORES CONSTANTINO & DIANA ANANIA GENO J & I)ORE+FFA A B & S INVE.STMEN] S 1NC BARRY ROBERT P & ANI'OINETTI- R BAUSCHARD JEFFREY D & JI-NNIFER BAUSCHARD JEFFREY D & JENNIEER BAXTER CHRISTINE R BAXTER CLYDE E FTATE BAXTER JAMES & CAROLYN BEATI'Y ROBERT B & PATRICIA M " BEVERAGE ROBERT L& DEBRA J BLACKSTONE ELLEN C & THObtAS E BLACKSTONE ELLEN C & THOMAS E BOYD JAMES H JR & JANE WILT Durbin Corporation BI,K 17 LTS 3.-1.5 120XI20 FEE t.T 12 Bt+K 7 40X|20 FEE B LK 7 LTS 10 il FEE 8OX120 BLK 7 LrS It) 11 FEE SOXI20 50 AC W [)LRBIN BLK 4 LTS 7.g 80X120 BLK 6 LT 5 40X120 BI,K 16 LTS 14&15 g07":.20 FEE Edray District MT lODGE UNIT 259 FEE 0054 [NT IN 50l AC tREE TOP CONDO UNIT 38 FEE 02,, INT IN " 4sAC TOP OF "l-Hk WORLD CONDO 128A g929 INT IN 63AC SHAMROCK CONDO 76 BLDG H .0164 INT IN 5+31AC TREE TOP CONDO UNIT 28 FEE .0225 INT IN 345AC 7004 AC Bl SPRINGS ELK FEE TOP OF THE WORLD CONDO 314A 8929 INT tN 63AC 1.02 AC SITLINGTON CREEK FEE 05 AC StTLINGTON CREEK FEE DRENNEN RIDGE FEE I AC HEAD STONY CREEK 89 AC FEE ONOTO SCHOOL LOT 165X264 LEATHERBARK CONDO 306A ,01862 1N 2,89AC DRENNAN RIDGE FEE 250 X 80 IRRG. MT LODGE UNIT 210 FEE 0035 INT IN 501 AC MT LODGE UNIT 212 FEE .0035 LNT 1N 5,01 AC UNIT 202 HIGHLAND HOUSE FEE P/O .655 AC (2 BEDROOM) $1c2 52 S14 40 $06 ( SI'I 13 S177 59 $17 45 $404 I 5 $2nS 43 $290 14 $691 7t $355 v5 $5255s $350 IO $1059 53 $55 75 $111 7g $23 61 $398 0S $327.4O $146.34 $585.44 $4g 62 $434 12 $434 12 $1337 30 VA00NER CO STRUCTION Firewood sold in various lengths and We offer free delivery up to 20 Firewood may be picked up at our facility located besi Sheets Garage in Green Bank. Mon. - Fri. Sat. 9 a.m. - noon For more information or to re i please call (304) frontierfirewood @ frontiernet.net Now accepting P.O. Box I 15, Visa and Mastercard. Green aarday. > 2 St hx4inta Admission: Childnen 6-]2 ' ,. Childeen ander Sponsoced by H[Itsboro Volunteer Fire Departme 5800 Street Legal 4x4 6500 Non-Turbo Tractor Street Legal 4x4 9000 Non-Turbo Tractor Street Legal 4x4 (dual-wheel, diesel, etc.) Modified 2 Wheel Drive 9000 Turbo Tractor Street 4x4 12,000 Turbo Tractor 6800 $20 Entry Fee Contact Hillsboro Volunteer Fire Department on Thursday evenings from 7 - 9 p.m. Chris Rose 304-653-8508/Matt Workman for information. 4549. The personal representative of said estate is: Cynthia C. Caracole, Rt. 2B0x 47A. Marlinton, WV 24954. Notice is hereby given that settlement of Ibis eslate ill proceed v, ithout reference to a fiduciary comntissioner unless within ninely days after the date of the I]rsl publicatmn such reli:rence is requesled by a party of interest or an unpaid credil files a claim and good cause is sho,,,.n to support reference to a fiduciaD conunissioner. Given under my hand this the 26th day of August 2003. Patricia D, Dunbrack, Clerk 9/(t4/2 By: Sands Friel, Deputy Rla2()URCE PROTEC'TION PROJECT Greenbrier District Ranger Fred Way of the USDA Forest Service, Monongahela National Forest is proposlug to ilnplement a resource protection proiect along U S. Highway 250 south of Thornvood, Pocahontas County, WV The project would take place on National Forest lands between Thorn'.ood and the boundary ,sith pnvale property approximately 3.5 miles south of Thornwood Vehicles would be excluded from six sites that have been damaged by unauthorized off-road ehicle use by placing large nalive stone in front of these areas. Sites would then Ix." seeded with native grasses to stabilize damaged soils No private lands wou|d Ix,- affected by this pn)ject. If you have any questions or c(lnnlelltS regarding lhis project, please submit them before September I1, 2(10L to Fred Way, District Ranger, Grcenbricr Ranger District. PO Box 67. Barrow. WV 24920. 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