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December 2, 1976     The Pocahontas Times
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December 2, 1976
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THE POCAHONTAS TIMES-DECEMBER 2, 1976-Pa e 8 peactically Two houses were de .... yed by fire in uthem Pocahontas County in the 8pea About 11:15 king By Ellzlbeth ms Mononphela Power J, !AI O ,:. ,i L i ? Karen Valencia, daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Valencia, is a cheerleader of P.C.H.S. Karen belongs to the Pep Club; she is a sophomore at P. C. H. S. She enjoys horseback rid- ing, basketball and volley ball. Smith Funeral Home sponsors Karen. past week. Saturday night the Hills- boro Fire Department was called to a house fire in Cooktown, between Buck- eye and Mill Point on Rt. 219. The fire was too far advanced for the house to be saved by the time the Fire Department was noti- fied and could arrive on the scene. On Tuesday afternoon about 5 the Marlinton Fire Department responded to a fire on Jericho Road near Marlinton. Again the house was beyond saving by the time the fire was discovered and the Fire Department notified. This house is owned by Claude Sharp and occupied by Claude Sharp, Jr., and his wife and two children. The family was not home at the time of the fire. .... Right there ready to go at every game was Eddie Beverage, Junior Warrior fullback, pictured above. Eddie, sponsored by Marlinton Electric, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Beverage, of Marlinton. He belongs to the Letter- men's Club and likes to fish end hunt. Kim Doyle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cole- man of Green Bank, plays on the Girls' Basketball team and she is also on the Track team. A sophomore, she be- longs to the Pep Club and F. H. A. Kim is sponsored by Central Service Station in Marlinton. Freshman football play- ers make varsity players. That is Mark Rogers' de- sire. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Rogers, of Marlinton. Mark belongs to the C. B. Club and F. F. A. Mitchell Chevrolet sponsors Mark. m Style Rite is proud to be a dishwasher, the thermo- Lottie Buzzard's sponsor, stat can be set at 135 or A Junior, Lottie plays on less. With a dishwasher, it the Girls' Basketball team at P. C. H.S. may need to be set at 150 . ._ or higher. If you go on She .is the daughter of vacation for a week or Mr. and Mrs. ,June  olonger, turnoff your water zard, of Marlinton. heater. There's no need to heat water while you're away. A dishwasher requires about 10 gallons of hot Home Economics Consultant Hot water is something that most of us take for granted. We turn on the faucet or shower and expect to have a constant supply of hot water on tap whenever we want it. Water that is hot enough and in large enough supply is an important factor in the efficient use of dishwashers and clothes washers. If the hot water supply is inadequate or at too low a temperature, dishes may be water spotted, less .than clean or incompletely dried. 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Third Avenue at 8th Street MARLINTON Letter To the Editor: My announcing retura to college is regrettably late but may be twofold. Recent articles reminiscing of oth- ers' childhood years in Poca hontas County has h:i- nated me. I am now enroll- ed at San Francisco State University as a Junior. My major is transportation un- der the School of Business. My minor is Social Psychol- ogy. Four more years of night attendance will pro- duce my Bachelor Degree. I then envision work towards a Masters Degree. I have found it a wonder- ful experience and have great happiness for the system here which allows adults an opportunity for a second chance to get their higher education that they missed on the way to adulthood. Completion of high school is not req as long as the individual can somewhat pass the college entrance exams. The State additionally has a community college pro- gram, which encompasses night high schools and or community centers, whose mission is to provide mean- ingful quality education to fill the needs of these individuals, whether it be basic education, high school education or contin- uing education. I am en- thused to recognize that West Virginia is now also offering off-campus courses. I truly believe it advantageous to all who can take or participate in these opportunities. After all, we must keep up with modern times, especially those of us who were prevented higher education for one then excusable rea- son or the oer. I also read with great interest the recent Times articles concerning sponsored programs rel- ative to Blacks in poca- hontas County. It prove that West Virginia is keep- ing up with the times. It is believed that such initiatio many years ago before many of us had leR m have been an inspiration towards our outlook and higher education. We were never even solicited to at- tend the then all black Wet Virginia State College at Institute, although we had not yet attended the near- est Black high school in the State as sponsored by the State at the time. I suppose some recognition was given to the brighter of us as I do remember attendance by some at Storer (Storr) Col- lege, Harpers Ferry. I was more overwhelmed when our own Pocahontas Countians, Drs. Vernie Bolden and Howard Hinson spoke at the Seebert Lane School from which they had earlier attended. I deeply regret that Greenbrier Hill School, Marlinton, was not amongst one of the schools honored or that one of its own in such high standings was not asked to partici- pate. Such emphasis on this latter school is its being my Alma Mater. Others could nitely had great respect. Maybe the current situation is the lack of support for teachers from parents. R may be debatable, but I believe that Greenbrier Hill School had the largest attendance ever, supposed- ly by Marlinton being the largest town in the County. You may recall an m.icle that I wrote about one room school houses and printed in Times, April 9, 1970. Your recent article, "Early Schools of Pocahon- tas County," in the Times October 21,1976, was ob- viously seeking information much further back, How- ever, I would like to con- tribute for the record my years at Greenbrier Hill School. The building may still sd, but presumably de- teriorating on upper Green- rier Hill between the then residents of Mr. Walter Tibbs and Cousin Lizzie Robinson. It also set above the then regularly used railroad coal tipple. The building consisted of two large rooms separated by a hallway which contained cloakrooms and restrooms. Playgrounds were on both sides although dangerously not protected from falling over into the roadway. Each room is estimated to have had seating capacity of 35 or 40 persons. Only one room was used throughout my stay. It was said that both were once used with an additional teacher. Someone older would have to comment further and as to who were the two teachers at that time. Dur- ing my stay, the second room was used for hot lunches, once prepared by my mother, Virginia "Virgie" Jordan Linsday, and then by Cousin Mary Tibbs. I vividly remember the school being used once in the 1930's to shelter many of our families from the spring floods which had practically covered the low lying areas of town. The cold winter morning walks to school are still remembered. The winters do not seem to be the same or as severe as back then. When my Dad, Enoch *'Bunk" Lindsay, was not working, he would drive us and many other kids to school. We had to walk from the Tannery Row. The whippings in the hallway for mischief or not studying lessons is well remembered also. But, the more pleas- ant moments would be the much looked for recesses and lunch time when we would hike the mountain or play soRball or football. We generally had a school clos- ing picnic at Watoga State Park and I believe the Brownsburg School used to join us. I took the test at the local high school and pass- ed for the Golden Horse Shoo by having the highest score of competing Black County schools, and then the Charleston trip under the guidance of Mr. Mack Brooks. Then came time for graduation which curred as a consolidated event of the Black schools in the County. Such events were normally held in a church of the area hosting that par- ticular year. I commenced the First Grade at the age of five, September 1937, since I would customarily turn six before the first of the year. Mrs. Edna C. Knapper, who now lives in Cham- bersburg, Pennsylvania, and I frequently commu- nicate; she was teacher then. I understand she taught my mother and all her brothers and sisters. In fact, I understand she taught many parents of the persons going to school when I did. I will send her a copy of this article and hopefully she may add or contribute to the history of that time. I truly believe she was and still is a tremendous inspiration and contributed to all my efforts in acquiring higher educa- tion, even if late in life. It is school, Libby or Betty Church from Seebert Lane Farm Credit School and, Mary Joy and A Production Credit As Gale Boggs, from Browns- the Federal Bank burg School. Faintly, I re- 'tion of member possibly someone Branch Office-will be from Cass School, but def- office, located in the Building, opposite the initely no one from Frank in Marlinton, each Tuesd (Durbin) School. zo a.m. until 12 no, It is deeply regretted if 799-4288. have been R. any names omitted, but I list here some of the persons attend- ing Greenbrier Hill during my eight years: Roy, Mary Lou, Jean, Jane Jordan; Rosabelle Stewart; Guy, Jr, James Barnes; Eleanor, George Wesley, Phillip Stewart; Carl Smith, Jr.; Viola Cashwell; Mildred Gilmore; Alice Cashwell: Geraldine, Henrietta Car- ter; Roy Ethel, Frances, Irene Spriggs; Harrison Evans, Jr. ; William "Junior," Norman, Libby Evans; Mary Ella, Della Hunter; Roy, Lucy Mae, Clinton, Adam, Jackie, Jimmy Lee Gary; Don Hill; Gladys Walker; Finley, Richard, Ida, Vivian Mor- ris; Houston Jefferson, Jr.; Harriet Roland; William, Doris Merchant; Golean Loving; Ada Cashwell; George, Geraldine, Mary Catherine, Jimmy, Bobby, Arnold Jackson; Marlene, Luther, Jr., Zulena, Jr., Wayne, Marva, Nancy Rob- inson; Eugene, Sally Faye Stewart; Paul, Sonny, Shir- ley Daugherty; and, my brother and sister, John NOTICE. 1te ,ee  Dr. I ss W. Stewart, Stim, wUss Dr. C. L. the first fleer d Peqk', Bat Cov 962-1392 McCALLISTER Box H4 ALDERSON W. Phone SPECIAL For HIS Christmas FREE my belief that one should and Patty Lindsay. never relax the mind but Hopefully, someone continuously keep it busy reading this article can even if there is cause to contribute more. It is ira- relax the body I remember - e "tcher perative that the recent many of thluefie,  s re- history of our magnificent turning m . m County is on record. I may Teachers College or omers i one day write a list of all during summer recess to , . I Blacks that I remember advance or upeate theirl;,.o ;. o ,,, ,., o.,a education. 1 admit that lots i other occurrences that are was learned in these one room school houses after leaving and comparing those who attended city schools. The discipline was strict but later learned to be of a necessity. I am certain that all coming from be- neath these roofs can make the same admittance. Although my recollection fails me as to who entered the First Grade with me, I could readily assume after so vivid to me. To close, and for the sake of history, and not as a derogative statement, the recently stated Alexander Cemetery in Huntersville is the Jordan Family Cem- i etery on the old home place of my great-grandfather, Aaron Jordan. It was buy a somewhat ill stated when You get a rugged Carry case my grandfather, John An- absolutely FREE when you drew Jordan was buried buy one of the selected there in March 1976. My Homelite, lightweight C, hain comparing ages I do, how , . . "mother, brothers and sis- Saws ever, vaguely remeumer  ters an "  .... d all the Jordan handlir,, fast cutti ' De g m the third grade fo,;h, o, ,),,,; .'. ; ........ . i - ,-. . . w.j =.u ==c nu =o i-iomellle L,na witn cam uaugnerty ana buried there. Wam "Junior" Evans. Saws. From $129.95 with William "Billy" Lindsay FREE Carry San Francisco, Case. California oc,o  s,  m--2 Supe'-2 SOAO SE2AO This was one of my grades in which I was being retain- ed. I was again held back in the Fifth Grade because of my having to baby sit my sister, Patty, after mother died, March 5, 1943. I just could not complete the year. I graduated with Vivian Morris from our Marlinton Motor 815 Second Ave Marlinton, IScars[ Microwave OvenSale Enjoy recognize at least the men- tioning of their one room schoolhouses in the Coun- ty such as Cass, Frank and I believe at one time Wa- toga. A Dr. Cole and others resided and reared children in Watoga. We often visit- ed there by  and a man -CoJd e,t d.m ran a boat srvice over to =E" " Watoga (across the Green- brier River}. I many times played as well as grew up with Drs. Bolden and Hinson. If 600 watt Microwave Oven with Defrost Cycle N 99451 "COld Heat"Cooking SAVE slO0 SAVE s80 Multi-Power Microwave Oven they or their families sub- scribe and are reading this article in the Times, they may recall my brother, John, and I visiting them many times with our Uncle Winston and Aunt Mae Stewart. Their teachers were a Mr. Bolden, no relation I believe, and maybe Mrs. Mitchell at Seebert Lane School. I think Mrs. Mitch- ell still lives in the County. She must be proud of them and I know Mr. Bolden would be. I seem to have met him more often than I ever did Mrs. Mitchell. I had met him when visiting Aunt Mat Tibbs in Hills- boro where he resided. He was an inspiring gentleman and I believe many idolized him. These old teachers PF 99651 ,. s27995 i ,,s s34995 $379.900 S449.95 Pop frozen foods directly into tt,e oven from your freezer.., special automatic defrost cycle thaws food quickly and easily! 600 watts of power. SALE ENDS DEC. 31, 1976 A multi microwave oven with )nf,nite powe settings from 90-600 watts. Includes defrost cych. SALE ENDS DEC. 22, 1976 Microwave Oven wi@ Temperature Control WAS $ S469005 Cook by temperature as well Settings an automatic defrost cycle. price would crack the whip when it came to obedience and studying. Teachers then seemed to have a greater -interest in their jobs, not to sound prejudiced towards current ones, and we deft- Shying md  not included in ldC. " Shfact/on Guamateed r Yo=r Mm,y Back $g41 momRg AD CO SALE ENDS DEC. 3i,1916 MARLm'IDN Phone 799-6304 Homm: 9to6 Monde7 through Saturd